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SuperTub 200,300

A hydrotherapy spa has many health benefits, and at the same time is very relaxing. This, however, can cost you hundreds of dollars especially if you're the type of person who uses a spa regularly. Fortunately, you can now have the whole hydrotherapy spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

Super Tub 200

supertub300The Super Tub 200 is a soft tub which can accommodate three to four people at the same time. It is elegantly designed, and looks quite nice when you put it in your backyard, garage, or wherever you choose to place it. Another good thing about the Super Tub 200 is it's easy to set up. All you really have to do is fill the tub up with water and plug it in. Your hydrotherapy spa session is now ready.

Super Tub 300

A much bigger version of the Super Tub 200, this version can accommodate four to five people at a time. This is bigger, but is still elegantly designed. The great thing about the Super Tub is that all of its engines and connections are built in. Other soft tubs have their engine built beside the tub and require a hose connection for the water supply. This takes up a lot of space and does not really look nice. Another great thing is that the engine has an advanced heat recovery system. It also comes with a hardcover for the tub and water cleansing kit which all come for free.

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