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Soft Tub Reviews

SuperTub 200,300

A hydrotherapy spa has many health benefits, and at the same time is very relaxing. This, however, can cost you hundreds of dollars especially if you're the type of person who uses a spa regularly. Fortunately, you can now have the whole hydrotherapy spa experience in the comfort of your own home.


Softtub 140,220,300

Hot tubs are very in-demand nowadays. There's nothing like the feeling of dipping in a hot tub on a cold winter day. Instead of dishing out cash at a fancy spa, why not buy your own hot tub? Softtub offers its customers a relaxing spa experience in their own backyard.


Softtubin T-Series

The Softtubin T-Series or the Softtub 300 is the biggest installment of the Softtub series of hot tubs. Some argue that this is probably the best hot tub or spa available in the market nowadays. This is very spacious, comfortable, and easy to bring along wherever you go. The Softtub T-300 can accommodate up to 6 people, and has enough room to move around in.


Mspa Bubble Spa, Jet Spa

So you're planning on throwing the ultimate backyard barbecue party. You want to leave a lasting impression on your friends, family, or whoever you may have invited, and even convince them to come back again. The food and drinks will be important, but what will make your party stand out? With the growing popularity of portable and inflatable hot tubs, affordable, effective, and great looking tubs are now ready for your enjoyment -- The Jet Spa and Bubble Spa.


Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa

A great addition to the now growing number of portable spas available in the market is the easy to use, and much more affordable Spa-N-A-Box. Comparing what you'll pay for with what you get in return makes the Spa-N-A-Box a serious consideration when looking for the right portable spa for you. Its spacious interior can accommodate up to 5 full grown adults. Its set up only takes 20 minutes and plugs into any ordinary 110v outlet. After a hard day at work, set it up, fill it up with water, and plug it in and your all set. With its 127 air jets, its guaranteed to give your body a very well-deserved and soothing massage.


Spa2go Portable Hot Tub

For the person who's constantly on the go, a trip to the spa may not be at the top of the priority list. As a matter of fact, it might not even cross one's mind at times. A busy schedule may keep someone from enjoying the benefits and pleasures that spas have to offer. Hydrotherapy, which gives the body a water-powered massage, has been proven to have many health benefits like improving blood circulation throughout the body. This can be very important in maintaining a healthy mind and body in the midst of a demanding work schedule. For those who are caught up in this lifestyle and would like a trip to the spa but can't, don't fret. The ultimate portable spa is now available to you that is as effective as any other portable spa on the market, and impressively does not need any set up at all.